Saturday, April 4, 2009


aq perasan yg skang aq da macam kembali kepada perangai susah nak control temper aq..dekat anak pun kadang2 aq tak le nak control..hah, aq tak suka..amat tak suka..lepas aq kuar skola, aq da berjaya control temper aq..kira macam nak tgk aq naik angin tu, tak de la mudah sangat..this habit reminds me of someone..there was somebody that used to face my i kept objecting every single thing yg dia berminat nak buat..

during this time, being at this kind of stage of life, easily snap wont makes me any good.. i know that very well..running a bussiness, emosion shouldnt go first..rasional is what i need the most..because of this temper, i lost somebody that i care..because of this temper, i was put into misery several times..but yet, i just cant leave it..

ummi is leaving for umrah very soon..anak is not in a very good shape.. he is having a very bad depession..extra sensitive..sometimes, i admit, even people said that i am a very patient auntie, i couldnt control my akan mengamuk juga..ta pi tu lah, after a while, aq akan rasa sangat,amat menyangat anak achik, abang n anak 'mummy', adik..behave k..achik loves you both

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